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Principal: Darren Hooper CA.

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Tax returns

Personal tax preparation, with expert advice and support along the way. Have confidence with your tax matters knowing your taxes are professionally prepared and lodged with your best interest in mind.

Residency & expat support

Working abroad can be a great and exciting opportunity, but you will complicate your Australian tax situation. Join the Australians who rely on Tax Services Australia for expert advice and access our experience specialising in this highly complex area of tax law. 

Since 2010, there have been several law changes affecting Aussie expats and having a tax specialist focussed on the practical implications of how they will affect you and your particular situation make a big difference to your tax life as an expat.


When you make investments you need to consider your ultimate return. Your tax exposure will determine your after tax return. We help investors plan, time, and structure their investments from a tax perspective.

You can trust our objective advice when it comes to managing your capital gains, with your positively or negatively geared investments.  We even helped one client avoid tax completely, when he thought he had a $100,000+ capital gain to reported to his tax return, but we confirmed he was exempt from tax.  Sometimes, simply completing your tax return correct, means you pay less tax.

Financial plan perspective

Sometimes it helps to have your Statement of Advice (financial plan) reviewed by an experienced professional from a taxation point of view.

Tax Services Australia can review your financial plans so they are in sync with your taxation goals. For example, we have found interest expense suggested to be tax deductible is not, and for another client found he was being recommended 3 income protection insurance policies. 

We are highly experience reviewing Statements of Advice from an independent tax review.

Tax advice

Tax advice and knowing the tax opportunities available to you given your situation can help you make better decisions. Your decisions may even help reduce your tax bill. It can pay to think outside the box.

Your main residence exemption may not be best applied to the property you are living in. Triggering a capital gain in one investment may produce a much better tax outcome if you sell a different investment. Buying an asset in one name for the tax deduction might be the worst possible decision for a future CGT exposure. Buying a business property in a business or individual name may be better in different structure, for tax and risk management purposes. Being a non-resident may not provide you the best tax outcome, even if you earn income from a foreign employment contract.

Australian tax law is very complex and changing all of the time, and to understand how your circumstances fit into this legal jigsaw may provide you wonderful insight to make better decisions that suit you.


Whether you’re just starting your career or close to retirement, Tax Services Australia can help you get the most tax-effective benefits of the superannuation system. Superannuation contributions are vital to a comfortable retirement, but the rules and regulations can be confusing. Our professional advice makes your decision-making easier.

Small business services

We provide tax lodgement services, GST advice, BAS preparation and lodgement services, ABN & GST registrations, as well as capital gains tax strategy and risk minimisation. Sometimes simpler is better than complex, and we can help you focus on your business, customers and profitability. If you are late with your business activity statements, we can bring you up to date with those too.

Not Compliant with the ATO?

Even if you have not lodged your return in years, we can bring you up to compliance, in a way that supports you rather than what the ATO may be demanding. Get ahead of ATO default assessment threats and avoid ATO garnishee notices.

Minimise your tax problems and discover your tax opportunities with a tax professional, who has helped people with 2 or 24 years outstanding, who is on your side and will help you. We even helped one client with over 70 tax lodgements, so whatever trouble you are in, we will be able to help you too.