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Australian tax for Aussies abroad can be a minefield of problems or a new world of opportunity, and quality advice that suits your circumstances can make all the difference. Make sure you are not missing out on the opportunities that are available to you as an Aussie expatriate living overseas. Call us on: +61 2 8007 7078.


Ceasing and resuming residency

There are many issues, opportunities and risks in changing your tax residency, and things you should know and do whilst non-resident. Each asset (or class of assets) you retain during this time needs to be separately considered and planned.

Tax lodgement?

Changing residency changes the way your tax return is prepared, including what amounts are reported and excluded and alters how some income is taxed. Having your tax return prepared by an expert will mean your disclosures are consistent with your altered residency and avoid shining a red light on your tax affairs for the ATO.


We will let you know what we need to get started, and we will give you all the support and guidance you need to collate any information requirements so we can help you, specific to your circumstances. 

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We have many clients across the world, helping many clients with tax planning and simplification issues before heading overseas and helping clients plan their return to Australia.


Enjoying life and work opportunities outside of Australia may still mean you have Australian tax lodgement requirements and tax planning opportunities.

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