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Tax advice

Many life decisions can impact your wealth and have an unexpected impact on your taxes. Something as small as letting a room for AirBnB can have huge consequences. Get the right advice at the right time. Discover hidden opportunities and avoid trouble by using a tax professional. Capital gains tax advice and proper tax planning may reduce your tax burden.

CGT optimisation

Capital Gains Tax strategies can be very useful to manage and reduce your overall tax burden across many years. But many people only are hit with CGT at the highest rate and at the worst time. Making different decisions, or even the timing of decisions, can have a big impact on that tax you pay. Before you make decisions selling or buying assets, you may achieve much better after-tax results with a little planning.

ATO problems

ATO problems can result from an accidental error on your part or possible ATO error. Either way, we can help. Reduce your stress, improve the outcome and possibly seek reduction of ATO penalties when Tax Services Australia is on your side. You can have an experienced tax professional advise you, represent you and stand up to the ATO on your behalf.


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As a client of Tax Services Australia, you can access reliable advice that suits you.


Tax Services Australia can provide you the tax advice that suits you, help you plan ahead and minimise your risk with the ATO.

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Turn tax into opportunity

Have a tax problem with the ATO, or worried about a review or audit or a big tax bill? Go after it and deal with it with a strong tax representative who is on your side and put us between you and the Tax Office.