Tax Changes Affecting Australian Expatriates

Tax Changes Affecting Australian Expatriates

There have been many taxation changes that affect Australians who earn foreign income, either as tax residents of Australia or who become non-residents and live overseas.


 Tax plans and strategies of the past may no longer provide ideal taxation outcomes now.

 Australians affected by these changes need to understand how these changes affect them, to have the opportunity to make smart decisions.

 For example, the tax law changed:

  • in 2006 – affecting ‘election’ as to whether you were deemed to have disposed of your ‘non taxable Australian assets’ upon ceasing tax residency;

  • in 2010 – affecting ‘exempt foreign employment income’ of residents;

  • in 2012 – affecting access to the general 50% CGT discount for non-residents;

  • from 1 July 2016 – a new withholding tax imposed upon Australian property disposals by non-residents;

  • in prospect, proposed changes announced in last year’s Federal Budget as to the ‘ghost tax’ on empty Australian properties and the significant winding back of access to the main residence exemption.

Lodging income tax returns while you are living and working overseas, staying up to date with all of the changes and being able to make decisions in this dynamic tax environment, is more important than ever.

 We have been helping Australians with independent, expert tax advice and support since 2001 and regularly help people to be aware of the tax laws that apply to their circumstances.  Having this knowledge, helps them to make decisions that can save them a lot of tax.

 Not knowing how the changing tax laws affect you, may mean unexpected tax surprises in future.

 Get in touch with us today and be in a strong position to make smart decisions that could affect your future tax exposure.

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