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Superannuation contributions are the key to your future retirement income.

There are so many rules:

  • whether you are eligible to contribute
  • how much you are allowed to contribute
  • what may be claimed as a tax deduction

Professional advice is critical to enjoying the optimal taxation benefits from the decisions you make.

Tax Services Australia can help you:

  • Salary package your superannuation, including salary sacrifice do not fall into the trap of incorrect packaging
  • Optimise long term usage of tax-deductible ("concessional") contribution limits to maximise your tax-free retirement income
  • Immediately reduce your tax by 67.74%, and even more over time
  • Contribute for your spouse and get a tax-free bonus
  • Sell a personal investment and avoid CGT by contributing some of the sale proceeds to your superannuation fund
  • Instant 100% guaranteed, risk-free return with the co-contribution
  • Tax savings with rolling proceeds from business sales into your superannuation fund
  • Approaching retirement and maximising superannuation contributions whilst saving tax

We assist people starting in the workforce, in business and retirees, ensure they get the most tax effective benefits out of the superannuation system.

So contact us for super-smart, tax effective superannuation advice.

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