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Late Tax Returns

Don't panic - talk to us

Lodging a tax return every year is not always possible, or even a priority, but it is a requirement for most taxpayers in Australia.

You may have missed lodging a tax return in one year, something happens in your life and before you know it, several years have passed and the Australian Taxation Office is demanding lodgement of all of your outstanding tax returns.

How many years behind are you? Two, three, four or even more years is quite common for us to fix.

For some years, you may not even need to lodge a return. We can fix that too.

We are a Registered Tax Agent and can help you organise your information,
and get your tax returns lodged with the Australian Taxation Office.


It might be that you are due a refund for one or more of your tax returns that need lodgement.

We can ensure that you obtain any refund you are due from the Australian Taxation Office. Especially if you have several years to lodge, your final refund could be quite large.


The Australian Taxation Office may be threatening you with penalties if they are chasing you to lodge your tax returns.

As a Registered Tax Agent, we are able to work with you and in many situations, can have these penalties reduced or even eliminated.

Act Now!

There’s no reason to wait.

Our office is experienced in assisting people with late returns.

Contact Us or Email Us and we will get your outstanding lodgements up to date.