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Financial Planning Reviews

Tax Services Australia is an independent, professional Registered Tax Agent, with significant tax planning and advice services, accounting and business services to many clients in Australia and overseas.

Financial Planners are required to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and provide financial advice including financial planning services.

Most financial plans, or Statements of Advice, contain a disclaimer that recommends that you should obtain advice from a tax agent who understands your affairs, in order to ensure the desired tax outcomes can be achieved.

Tax Services Australia regularly assists individuals to ensure the expected taxation outcomes are achieved, and that devastating tax outcomes are avoided.

We also assist our clients in presenting their information to their financial planner, and in asking the questions that are appropriate to their circumstances, so that the financial planner may provide the best assistance.

Of recent financial plans we reviewed, we were able to indicate to our clients:

  • That a superannuation contribution strategy, maximising the $450,000 non-concessional contribution (under the bring-forward rule) would have been exposed to penalty rates of tax due to an intended concessional contribution being deemed non-tax deductible;
  • An elderly client reliant on his investments for his living expenses was recommended to invest in an unhedged, $US denominated managed fund when the foreign exchange rate was around $US = $A0.50 and the managed fund had not made any income distributions for at least 5 years;
  • A client approaching retirement with a negative medical history was recommended to invest in an 18 year wine project, using a significant proportion of his available cash and no expected income distributions in the short to medium term.

Sometimes, it helps to have an experienced eye to review a financial plan that has been prepared for you.

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