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Airbnb – has the ATO got it wrong?

If you own your own home you can access one of the greatest and rarest of tax benefits, a large capital gain when you sell it, with no tax to pay.  » Read More

Are you paying as much tax as possible?

Being complacent with tax in your life is exactly what the Government and the Australian Taxation Office want you to be, to minimise your wealth and to work as long as possible.  » Read More

Future Tax Cuts are Fiction

The 2018 Federal Budget proposes changes to the tax rates over 7 years which almost certainly will not happen.  » Read More

Aversion to Surplus

In the midst of the Global Financial Crisis and the rapid increase in spending by the Federal Government, I wrote at the time that Australia’s long run of budget surpluses had come to an end and to prepare for a ‘decade of deficits’.  At the time, it seemed impossible to most people.  » Read More

Franking Credit Smoke and Mirrors

The proposal by the Labor Opposition needs to be considered carefully with the real prospect that there could be a change of Government within 12 months, with the half Senate election due by May 2019.  From the current Government’s perspective, the May 2018 Federal Budget was an opportunity to affirm franking credits continue to be ‘refundable’.  » Read More

My financial planning ‘experience’

Shortly after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in the late 1990s and before I founded Tax Services Australia, I considered further qualifications and experiences to further my professional career.  » Read More

Tax Changes Affecting Australian Expatriates

There have been many taxation changes that affect Australians who earn foreign income, either as tax residents of Australia or who become non-residents and live overseas.  » Read More

Late Tax Returns and ATO Penalties

Right now is a great opportunity to get your tax returns up to date with the ATO, ahead of the New Tax Year starting on July 1.  » Read More

Sharing Your Home & Losing Your Greatest Tax Opportunity

It is nice to share, but are you sacrificing your biggest tax haven?  » Read More

The ‘Rich’ and Franking Credits

Australia has a marginal tax rate system, which means lower income earners (simply, earning less than $18200) pay not tax and higher income earners pay the most tax, at 47% including the Medicare Levy.  » Read More

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